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Check in here first and enter the venue with an electronic admission pass.

Information on the venue and rental of various equipment are also available at this reception.

* Admission fee is required even for attendants.

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It is a viewing space where anyone can enter freely for free.

It is a photo spot where you can see not only the surf ride of the pool but also Mt. Fuji and the setting sun.

It's okay to take a walk every day, so feel free to drop by.

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A popular surf shop in Makinohara City has also opened in the surf stadium.

Not only surfing goods but also SURF STADIUM SHIZUNAMI original goods are available.

Please check items that can be crushed other than the surf scene, such as bath towels, T-shirts, bottles, and tote bags.

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The surf stadium is equipped with indoor changing rooms equipped with air conditioning.

Makeup and hair set can be used slowly in clean facilities.


Various amenities are also available.

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Efficient skill improvement is possible because waves of the same quality always come.

AWM (American Wave Machines)'s latest Perfect Swell® technology produces high quality waves for all levels, from beginners to professionals.

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, it was also used as a practice ground for the USA national team, including the Japanese national team and Carissa Moore, who won the gold medal.

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Surfing in a night game that you can experience because it is a wave pool is exceptional.

You can take photogenic riding photos that cannot be taken with natural waves.

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We have set up a heated bath by the pool that can be used by any pool user.

Ideal for body maintenance in cold weather and before and after surfing.

You can use it as a swimsuit or wet suit.

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​Wave play pool

One of the attractions of Surf Stadium is that it can be used not only by surfers but also by couples and families.

Because it is fresh water, the skin is not sticky and the feet are not soiled with sand.

The water is safe and clean because it draws up high-quality groundwater, is constantly filtered, and is sterilized and disinfected.

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You can spend a relaxing time in the poolside paid private room type relaxing area.

As it is covered, you can relax and avoid the sun and rain.


You can also enjoy your meal by using the take-out of the cafe.

Price: 8,800 yen / day (recommended number of people 4 people)

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